Responsive web design

What is it?

Your website should look and function just as well on mobile devices as it does on a desktop computer. Responsive Web Design (RWD) offers a practical, flexible and cost-effective solution that is an industry best practice approach, enabling you to meet the diverse needs of your target audience, regardless whether they’re viewing your website on a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

How does it work?

Your website is viewed on a variety of screen widths ranging from 320 pixels up to 2500 pixels. We create one design that dynamically detects the device being used to adapt the design layout accordingly, providing your audience with a consistent user experience across all browsers and devices.

We design and build websites that are robust enough to stand the test of time, yet flexible enough to adapt and grow as your business evolves. Good design and development add credibility to your business and credibility adds immeasurable value.