Sturrock and Robson

Their background

From their roots in the South African mining and shipping industries in the 1920s to the international, diversified group that owns and operates a portfolio of companies within the industrial sector of today, Sturrock and Robson are a fourth generation family business that are proud of their rich heritage and robust reputation that they’ve nurtured over the last century.

What we did

We were approached to refresh the design of the website, to make it more modern and relevant within its market landscape. The structure of the site was also a bone of contention as it did not effectively convey their heritage and strong family values which ultimately define who they are and how they work.

Visual engagement was a fundamental factor in conveying the scale of the group as well as the calibre of companies within it. A section dedicated to their businesses within the group was developed that can easily be filtered by industry sector which can also lead users to view their dedicated websites.

Their heritage, values and ethics are the key components that Sturrock and Robson pride their success on, so it was important that this was clearly reflected within the site, which we achieved by creating an interactive timeline to commemorate 100 years in business.

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