GDM Partnership

Their background

GDM Partnership are a Kent and London based award-winning Building Services Engineers, with a proven track record in delivering innovative low energy and sustainable design solutions for the built environment throughout the UK, Europe and Overseas.

What we did

The website was designed to be visually striking and engaging with a clean, minimalistic approach to provide the best possible user experience for both new and returning visitors.

We incorporated a level of interactivity that would encourage visitors to engage with and explore the website in more detail, which has been demonstrated within the ‘People’ and ‘Projects’ sections of the site.

Usability is key and has been achieved by creating a clear, easy-to-use navigation system which remains static at the top of the browser window upon scrolling, allowing the user to easily navigate from anywhere within website.

The website also benefits from an ExpressionEngine Content Management System, providing our client with a reliable platform, together with full flexibility in managing and maintaining their site to keep content fresh and up-to-date.

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